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2 BHK Residential Apartments
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Rustomjee Erika Khernagar is an amount of customization and detail - no surprise for a luxurious house. Art is an important part of the high price. Rustomjee Builders will incorporate architectural features such as art galleries, rounded corners, crown moldings and arches. These premium residences are designed with 2 or 3 beautiful residences by BHK in Khernagar, Mumbai.

Experience a large walk-in closet. Wardrobe space is very important in any type of home. But if you live in Rustomjee Erika Khernagar Mumbai, storage areas are usually not a problem as they have large access rooms. It's not uncommon for custom closets large enough to hold a small bedroom. Look after a local who can provide you with convenience, different driving options and more - something you must keep in mind when buying property in Mumbai.

Important Things Consider when Buying Property in Mumbai

The main thing one has to prioritize when buying a property in Mumbai is the size of the property as one need to enhance their experience as much as possible in a closed city like Mumbai. Rustomjee keeps this in mind and offers this project in the best location in Mumbai. Ask about the property's security factors; be sure to check for 24×7 surveillance and current security measures.

Rustomjee Erika Khernagar Amenities

Finding new apartments for sale in Mumbai means searching the internet for units that meet all your needs. Of course, there are some basic amenities such as full bathrooms, kitchen facilities and bedrooms. However, your search shouldn't be limited to the essentials. You should also consider the amenities of a residential apartments.

Rustomjee Erika Khernagar Amenities

Rustomjee Erika Khernagar Location Map

Khernagar, Mumbai are place names all over the world. Love it must visit. You can't stay without going to Mumbai. The locations are great with a variety of cheap and expensive restaurants. At the time of its emergence, this disjointed market was the largest of its kind in India.

Rustomjee Erika Khernagar location map

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Rustomjee Erika Khernagar - Gorgeous Amenities and Generous Living Space

Today, many luxury apartments in Mumbai have unique features to make your dream home unique. When we talk about luxury apartments in Mumbai, Rustomjee Builders offers luxury homes with precise design details and special features. In addition to the gorgeous amenities and generous living space, they also took great care of the interior of the house.

The luxury residential features offered by Rustomjee make their buildings stand out. Then there is the natural environment or modern architecture, these apartments are really different for buyers. There are other extras you won't see in a typical kitchen, like double ovens and heating drawers to keep food warm. Rustomjee Erika Khernagar chef's kitchen also has a large island with its own sink and prep area.

Excellent Outdoor Living in Mumbai-

Welcome to the excellent outdoor living room. Luxury doesn't stop at ornate residences. Luxury homeowners put as much effort and money into their outdoor living spaces as they do inside their homes. Rustomjee Erika Khernagar is redefining luxury residences in Mumbai's most affluent area.

When the weather is nice, homeowners and their guests can relax outside the gas fireplace or soak up the sun by the infinity pool. Of course, no luxury home is complete without a fully equipped exterior kitchen and entertaining area where you can watch a sporting event or a movie. Having home-friendly equipment can have a profound impact on your life, especially if the traffic to and from the gym in your city can hinder your after-get off work commute. Designing a room with mirrors and soft floors or a well-resourced gym in your yoga studio can put you in a better position than an expensive personal trainer.

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